Advanced Speaking Skills C1/C2

Mi | 12x

If you have reached an advanced level of English and would like to improve your speaking abilities, Advanced Speaking Skills offers specialized guidance and practice in the techniques and knowledge needed to communicate effectively. In each 90-minute lesson, participants discuss, negotiate, present, tell, and explore the use of oral English in its many forms. We also develop the relevant subskills, such as expanding fields of vocabulary, mastering problematic grammar, learning how pronunciation influences understanding and perfecting conversational strategies. The weekly homework assignments are engaging yet not time consuming. All course materials included.

James Lueth


Min. 6

Advanced Speaking Skills C1/C2 201-44521


Kurs 201-44521

12x Mi 18.15–19.45 Uhr
ab 15.01.2020

Kosten (CHF)

Standard 540.00


Mi 15.01.2020 18.15–19.45 Uhr
Mi 22.01.2020 18.15–19.45 Uhr
Mi 29.01.2020 18.15–19.45 Uhr
Mi 05.02.2020 18.15–19.45 Uhr
Mi 12.02.2020 18.15–19.45 Uhr
Mi 19.02.2020 18.15–19.45 Uhr
Mi 26.02.2020 18.15–19.45 Uhr
Mi 04.03.2020 18.15–19.45 Uhr
Mi 11.03.2020 18.15–19.45 Uhr
Mi 18.03.2020 18.15–19.45 Uhr
Mi 25.03.2020 18.15–19.45 Uhr
Mi 01.04.2020 18.15–19.45 Uhr

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