Instagram – First steps to success

Mo | 2x

Lessons in small group

Learn the steps to create an effective Instagram profile for yourself or your business, connect with the community and grow your following.

Course content:
– Basics (how people and businesses are using Instagram, safety, personal/business profile)
– Effective search & use of hashtags (#)
– Instagram strategy (ways to attract your target audience to your feed and increase egagement)
– Content creation with photos and graphics (plan your Instagram posts efficiently)
– Reposting basics
– Instagram Stories

At the end of this course you’ll be able to independently build up an Instagram profile that’s instantly attractive and attracts followers, reach your target audience and implement simple marketing strategies.

Course language will be English.

Preconditions: You can operate your smartphone (iOS or Android) independently and bring it into the course. The Instagram app is already installed and you have registered for an account.


Jovanka Lazarević


Min. 3


Your mobile phone with downloaded Instagram app and if possible created Instagram account. Instructions:

Instagram - First steps to success 194-70548


Kurs 194-70548

2x Mo 18.30–21.00 Uhr
ab 21.10.2019

Kosten (CHF)

Standard 225.00


Mo 21.10.2019 18.30–21.00 Uhr
Mo 28.10.2019 18.30–21.00 Uhr

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