Literary for lunch B2/C1

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Books are always ready when you are, and they have no calories, carbs or fat! Join us in a class where reading, analysing, and enjoying literature is the essence of the lesson. The recipe is easy: when you add interesting literature, conversation, a tablespoon of grammar and a pinch of vocabulary, you have the ideal lesson to ensure language development. Books are the New Black, so if you have reached a B2/C1 level, and you’d like to spend your lunchtime broadening your horizons, then this is the course for you.

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Julia Gwerder


Max. 9

Literary for lunch B2/C1 192-44411


Kurs 192-44411

10x Fr 11.50–13.20 Uhr
ab 26.04.2019

Kosten (CHF)

Standard 400.00


Fr 26.04.2019 11.50–13.20 Uhr
Fr 03.05.2019 11.50–13.20 Uhr
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