Learn English with New Technologies – ab Niveau B1

Mo & Do | 4x

This course gives you a well-deserved break from the textbook courses. We watch short video sequences, TED Talks, and documentaries, then repeat, discuss, and analyze, thus improving our ability to speak more freely, flexibly, and competently.
The abundance of informative, inspiring, or intriguing videos enables us to watch and hear authentic English in various dialects and accents. We have fun hearing about topics we are interested in, and at the same time acquire the language like children learn their first language.
At the end of the lesson we receive a “corporate brief” with a summary of covered topics and additional resources for further studies. Here we can train pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammatical structures.


Susanna Türler-Karlen


Max. 9


Kurs 187-44350

2x Mo 19.00–21.00 Uhr
2x Do 19.00–21.00 Uhr
ab 09.07.2018

Kosten (CHF)

Standard 180.00


Mo 09.07.2018 19.00–21.00 Uhr
Do 12.07.2018 19.00–21.00 Uhr
Mo 16.07.2018 19.00–21.00 Uhr
Do 19.07.2018 19.00–21.00 Uhr

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